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Gbenshed her in public


The most recent would probably have to be fucking a babe my flatmate was trying to toast. Funny thing is that it was just yesterday sef.
We initially met about a week ago on my cousin’s birthday at the beach. Of course after a long while, the alcohol had set in and we all just started talking shit. I was more of the centre of conversations due to my many sexcapades; most of the girls were amazed at how my friends just kept making me seem like one Don juan. Some had that look of disgust on their faces but am sure they secretly wanted to know, what exactly is this dude about. Well, the babe in question was one of them.
So, fast forward to yesterday. We had a small bbq chills at the house and babes and guys were invited. She came through cause my flatmate had invited her.
By the way, we had talked for a bit on that beach party day and exchanged numbers but I didn’t follow up much cause my flatmate wanted to do her.
Back to yesterday, she came through with her friends. We chatted for a while, then, she left me and went to be with my flatmate and about an hour later, she was back, I think they had an issue; he was acting like a boyfriend but he wasn’t (at least not yet).
We talked and then decided to take a walk downstairs and out of the house. By the way, it was about 10:30pm at this time. One thing led to another and I asked her about her fantasies and if she ever fantasized about having sex in public (at least in a coded place) and she said, “No ooh”, and then went on to say, “But it really sounds freaky.”
That was when I knew I had her. A few hand gestures in the right places and there was fingering and the gown went up and well, after a few, “No naaa, what are we doing? What if someone passes and sees us?”. And so, I gave her assurance because i could see it in her eyes that she wanted it. We fucked till her legs started to ache.

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