This story is about how I got a fuckmate. She was just a friend of a friend but we used to chat once in a while. So, along the line she called me one day, that she was in my area, at a bank.

So, I told her if she’s done maybe we could hangout so she came over and we talked. Nothing sexual, just random stuff. But later it became boring so I went silent. Suddenly, she just sat on my laps and started disturbing me, that I wasn’t talking.

So I wanted to be a sharp guy. I said, lemme kiss you. She immediately said no and stood up. However, I turned it to a joke and started laughing, then she sat back and then kissed me. From there, I started pressing her boobs which were very huge.

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One thing led to one thing, I off her pant o and gave her head. She started begging me to fuck her and I told her I didn’t have a condom but she didn’t mind so I fucked her and it felt good. She was really tight. After about 30 minutes, I came and she cleaned up.

I thought it was just a one time thing until this chick texted me saying, “can we be fuckmates…”


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