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Few months back, I was stopped by some officials of FRSC along mile 2. Unfortunately for me, my license was expired and my car was impounded.

              Fortunately though, a lady officer was asked to go with me to the office. Initially, I didn’t notice her beauty but alone with her in the car I became captivated and I decided I must take back whatever fine I was paying by getting down with her by all means possible.

We agreed she was going to process another licence for me at a fee but that she might have to come around to my place at a later date which, to my surprise, she agreed to.

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Fast forward, she came as agreed on a Saturday and she had this stunning ripped Jean on, you’d never believe she were a staff of FRSC. Her ass was perfectly shaped and in conformity with her waist.

We had a couple of drinks and we retired to my house. It was like we had known each other for long.

She went straight for the bulge in my trousers and whipped out my throbbing dick. And as I raised my head up, I felt the warmth of her mouth there, putting her tongue to work out some smart slurping.

A grin of satisfaction came to my lips because the head was worth the 20k I paid.

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