As a teenager, I always loved matured pussy. They always seemed to moan better. One day, I got back from school to realize my step mom and dad had traveled,  so I had to stay with her sister who I’d heard was a bad influence and acted like a ‘teenager’.  She decided to have her friends over since she called taking care of me baby sitting, though i was 18 then. Her friends came over. They were just two including her making them three. I was in my room when I decided to check on them and I saw them playing truth or dare and I asked to join.

Before long it had turned into a four way and my step mom’s sister was all over my dick even as the game proceeded. The other two I presumed were lesbians because they’d 69’d and paid us no mind.

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She took me to the master bedroom and started sucking. I wanted to taste her too but she kept her pussy arched. All I could do was rub her thighs and moan, FUCK!  I decided to take control,  lifted her magnificent body up and went down to taste her. After a while her legs had begun to quiver and things got aggressive. She pushed me against the wall whilst mounting my cock. She couldn’t wait any more,  neither could i.

We moaned , skin on skin thrusting. We both came, I didnt pull (seems foolish) but that was the best A1 pussy. After it was done we just lay there chatting about normal stuff whilst playing with each others genitalsg

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