So yesterday I went to the club with my guys here and I had one mission in mind: I must get laid tonight! God knows I’d been wanting to get laid for some days now but no luck. Konji na bastard I swear!

So we got to the club, sat down at the bar, bought Arnold Palmer since I don’t take alcohol and was enjoying the music. Then I noticed this babe dancing with her friends. She’s big boobs, wide hips, medium height with blue eyes. I instantly became fixated on her and then mustered courage to go talk to her. 10 minutes into our conversation and she’s laughing like she sniffed laughing gas. Maybe it’s the alcohol she took, don’t know.


She said she only came to the club to get laid and I said wow! God works in mysterious ways. I asked where it would be, her house or mine? She said mine’s better.

30 minutes later, this babe was going down on my dick like it’s her life support. Now when it comes to giving head, can’t say much but British girls are trying in that aspect. Anyways as she was giving the head, I was using my hand to finger her pussy and prime her up. Don’t know if it’s the alcohol but this babe got enough juice to bathe a new born baby.

Now getting to the main course, I checked all the alarm signals before proceeding:

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1. Checked she wasn’t doing voice recording of the whole thing. (Blackmail is easy here)
2. Got my condom out ( not ready to pay for child support)

Started pounding the punani, doggy style and she was making too loud a noise that I had to press her face against the pillow. She came twice before I eventually came.

Second round began after 10 minutes rest with cow girl style, then turned it to missionary.

Woke up to another head by 6am and then she left. Dropped her number before leaving though.

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