So, I was on a boat cruise on the Caribbean Sea. There was a party at the ball room and I decided to go have some dance alongside a Barbadian friend.

One of her friends had been flirting with me all night, but it wasn’t a normal flirting — she wouldn’t say a word to me. She’d only touch me and giggle as we danced. Towards the end of the party, she took my hand and quietly led me to her cabin.

Less than sixty seconds into making out, she started to go down on me. Which I accepted. I realized how creepy and weird the situation had been to that point, but it was head.

What dude turns down head from a pretty girl with sumptuous lips?

She finished up, and put her head on my chest to rest. At that point, I was thinking this girl was a loony tune, but I didn’t want to be an ass, so I began to reciprocate. But she grabbed my hand and stopped me, and said, “Sorry, I have a boyfriend ashore and I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing that.”

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I looked at her totally dumbstruck. She must have misinterpreted my dropped jaw to mean that I was hurt, because she immediately came back with,

“But it was really nice sucking your huge cock.” These were the first words she’d said to me all night.

Fast forward to five minutes later after some spinning, we were fucking and then her boyfriend’s call rang on her phone. Realising he was the one, she flung the phone aside while she was having a very loud orgasm.

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