So, me and two of my friends made plans to chill and play pong at my house one night. One of my friends brought his girlfriend, and she brought one of her friends, for my other friend. The girl she brought was 17, and my friend was 24. Haha.

We were playing pong and shit got buzzing good, my 24 year old friend started to get sick cause he drank some vodka too, he puked and even puked a little on him self. So,  it was pretty clear he wasn’t hooking up with that bitch, he didn’t care anyways because he thought she was younger and what not. This was when I noticed this bitch started getting real close to me. My phone stopped playing music and we told her to pick a new song, and she was like, how do I do it? What? I’m confused..

So I go over there trying to pick a song and she’s like, “teach me, teach me!” And rubbing up on me and I was just like uhhohhuhhh. Picked a song and went back to my location and had some of my beer. I knew this girl was a hoe, but I didn’t know how bad of a hoe she was until a month later.

Continuing with my story.


She came over to where I was and got REAL CLOSE, so I was like, “fuck it”, and just started making out with her. Lol it was some good kissin’.

Anyways, my mom came outside to take the dogs out and my friends started freaking out, thinking it was my step dad calling the cops on us cause he’s a real prick, like serious prick. So they’re freaking out, getting in the car and this bitch was just like, “what’s going on? I wanna stay with you. what’s going on?”.  LMAO, I wasn’t really paying attention because I thought I was about to get into a fist fight with my step dad.

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Anyways, turns out it was just my mom, smoked a cigarette with her, then went inside. This girl was a hoe so bad, within 5 minutes of leaving she reached up into the front seat and pulled out my friends peter and started giving him head. He’s 24 and had puke on him.  LOLOL!

I was like, “hell yea man!” (the next day he was telling me ’bout it). And for some reason, the girls kept wanting to drink at my place again so I was like, whatever.

This time that hoe stayed with me and we had sex. She had some awesome tittys, not big but perky as fuck and the greatest nips I’ve ever laid eyes on. I fingered her and it kinda felt weird. But I wasn’t sure because I kinda had a buzz and it was dark there was only the light from my tv.

Anyways, after sex she proceeds to cuddle up next to me, like listing all the guys she’s ever done stuff with. I didn’t even ask, or even get remotely on the subject and I was like, “you don’t have to tell me.  I already know it’s like 7.”

She’s like um.. Lists off 7 names, then keeps going, and going. I was literally like, DA FUQ ? She got to 14. And she didn’t even list off 2 names I KNEW for a fact.

So,  she had 16 guys. I was her 17th that night. Gross right?

Anyways, we kind of had a thing for like a month. I just kept having her come over on nights so I could get laid and get amazing blow jobs. This slut was so experienced, oh my god, it was the best blowjob I HAVE EVER HAD, and ever will. It was so fucking godlike I can’t even begin to explain, no girl has ever done that to my penis before with their mouth nor even come close!!

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What a slut though, huh? 17, guys, 17 years old. And for fuck sakes the first night she came out her BOYFRIEND was complaining and bitching saying “What are you fucking ***** now?!?” My 24 year old friend. Haha lmao.

Then, the night she hooked up with me after we were done making out, her boyfriend calls her phone, she answers it quick and she’s like, “here!! talk to him!!”.  I’m like da fuq? who is it? I didn’t even know she had a boyfriend until after all this occured.

So I was like, hey what’s up. LMAO. And he’s like who is this, and I said my name and he’s just like, “Bob?!?!?!!?!?”  (My name’s not really Bob but I had to put a name in lol). Then he’s like, give the phone to slut. So I did. They talked for like 5 seconds, then hung up.

What a hoeeeeeeeeeeeee. I miss her blowjobs A LOT though. I think I’m going to have to get a hold on.

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