See me see trouble oo. On the 14th February, I had a dick appointment with a guy I met on twitter here. He is cute and he knows how to keep a convo so I was really enjoying him. One day, I mistakenly posted my nude on my status. Was meant for someone else so I deleted it immediately but this guy saw it and took a screenshot then slid into my DM like, “This picture fell out of your bag and I’m here to return it”. I couldn’t deny the picture cause I have a tattoo and it’s showing.
Anyways, that was how our talk got sexual from there. He told me how good he was in bed and all that. I was like, “okay, cool”.
He sent a dick picture and it looked really cute so I fixed a date. We met on the 14th February, played a little video game and then jumped into action. I gave him head and after like 12 minutes of sucking he came and his penis shrinked. We had to wait for like 15 mins before it got hard again.
After that we went straight to knacking and few mins later, boom! he came. It was actually frustrating so I went home. He called to apologize that he was ill, that he had malaria, bla bla bla and that’s why his dick was falling his hand. He really apologized, sent me some money as apology money and we scheduled another day.
We agreed to meet today so I went to his place, we did a little foreplay and his dick stood like a giant I was like, “Wowwwwwww, maybe he was actually ill the other day”.
Well, he sucked my boobs, fingered me and asked me to come on top. I was putting on a short dress so I rolled it up, shifted my pant to one side and slid down his dick. He was like, “jeeesuusss Christ”, lol.
We fucked for a while and changed positions. At a point, he asked me to undress fully so he can be seeing my beautiful boobs and body while knacking, which I did. He fucked me real good, so I asked him to carry me. He was like, “yoooo that’s one of my fantasies”, and he did carry me.
As he was fucking me on the wall I noticed his hand was getting weak so I asked if he was tired and he said, “me tired? Not yet”.
He then carried me up the more.
Immediately he did that, the next thing I heard was, gboa! He lost balance, fell and hit his head on the floor. Me that was carried also fell with him and hit my head on his forehead while his head hit the floor. Mehn my head is still swollen as I type. As we fell, I managed to get up but he was not moving. Had to call my friend to come and help me. We placed cold water on his head and forced him to drink malt and milk. After like 40 minutes, he recovered his consciousness but his penis was still erect. Which means he actually took a sex drug before I came. Nawa o.
As I type he is in the room with his erect penis and I said let me come and share this experience before another thing happens and I forget. You won’t believe he is even asking me to give him head so he’ll cum and his dick will go down. I’m not ready to kill someone’s son biko.
Please keep me anonymous.

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