My most recent hoe story is short but I’ll share.

It was one morning, too early for a Saturday. Didn’t know what to do and I was horny af. I drive down to this babe’s house, she’s awake, doing laundry. I chill a bit. When she was done, she came in. One thing led to one thing and apparently she was horny also.

Summary of it all, we had some hot passionate sex. Could bet the neighbors heard cause she didn’t make it any easy on me than I did on her. I got a call from a lady saying, “Dude you’re needed.”

I quickly cleaned up and took off. At the meeting, I got another call. Wtf! I’d forgotten I had invited someone over. This babe had been longing to have me and I really didn’t want to fuck her cause of all the love talk she’d been all about. I pleaded with her, she chilled.

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I dashed back home. She was furious saying I’d kept her waiting, bla bla bla. I apologized and gave her a hug. My hands intentionally slip to the arse. Soft as a pillow. She’d gotten the message.

Fast forward to about 30 minutes later, she was moaning my name all over the house. I had to turn up the volume of the TV to accommodate the moans. She was a loud one. Apparently she couldn’t take the D completely so it kept hitting her in spots that made her cringe like she had epilepsy. We cleaned up and I tried to chill and I heard, “Let’s go again.”

Wtf! Best Saturday in a long time.

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