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There was this day I had lectures for six consecutive hours. When we closed, it started raining and I had to walk a little through the rain before I got transportation to my hostel. I met some fine babe standing by the roadside, shivering. So I offered her my shirt; I was wearing a t-shirt underneath. She happened to stay around my hostel so we took a cab together and I suggested she come and stay at my end since it was still raining. And she had to walk a little before she got to her place.

I took her to my place and gave her a towel to dry herself and I removed my wet clothes in front of her. Her nipples showed from beneath her blouse and that made me a little bit hard and even though she saw it, she didn’t say anything.

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I asked if she liked movies and she said yes. So, I played one on my laptop and sat beside her to watch. She lay on my chest and I put my hands around her. So I took advantage and fondled her boobs, she responded to it and by the time I realised what was going on, we started kissing.

Took our clothes off and babe said I should promise to pull out and I agreed without thinking. Before we fucked she sucked my dick and I was scared cause I thought she’d suck blood outta my dick.

I fucked her real good and oh, hold on; her backshot game is so strong. She rode my dick mad then when I was about to cum I pulled out.

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We later took a shower together, then continued the movie till it stopped raining and I saw her off to her area. Painfully, I forgot to take her number and I’ve not seen her since then.

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