So, I started work about three months ago or so. And at my workplace, there were some two fine girls, the way I was eyeing one ehn. Later, I realized she also had a crush on me so I tried to lure her to come home but she was talking about relationships and shit but bros, I’m not ready for that…

I tried but this shawty was proving haaard. So, me I just forgot about that and we were still friends. Later on, I realized her friend(the other girl) started drawing close to me but I didn’t think any bad for her. Church girl.

I’m sure it’s because the guys at work have been teasing me that my prick is long. It’s true though.😹😹

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So, one time we were talking about foreplay. I don’t know what brought about that convo though. This girl had bad mind for me, I swear. Me too if I get am, I go bang.

One evening, I had to go and do something for mummy so I didn’t go home with my boss after work. So this girl waited for me since it was in her neighborhood. Earlier sef, this girl tell me say I no fit bang. She say she go ride me make I cry. So that evening I reminded her. Like joke like joke, this girl carry me go her rented apartment.

That night, we no play. I forgot myself and I went raw. Truly truly this girl ride me correct! NGL…

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To cut the story short, I heard she has a child who is like 8 years old 😩😭. I banged someone’s mother. She looks young tho.

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