I went to drop my brother in his secondary school when I met this girl and we exchanged numbers and started chatting. I asked to see her and we fixed a date. She came and we were talking as we watched a movie on my system.

In the process, we just started kissing, cuddling. Then she was like, I’ve been meaning to try this. She got down, unzipped my trousers, took my dick out and started sucking it. She took the whole thing in then she brought it out and gave me a hand job and she dressed up and left.

The next week, she came back cause she was leaving for university that week. As soon as she entered, we just started kissing. Removed her clothes, started fingering her.

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Sucked her pussy, then started off with missionary style, entered reverse cowgirl style. Went to the bathroom, held her to the wall and was entering from the back. After 3 rounds, we just bathed and went to our respective churches.

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