I am a horny dude. I and my friends decided to leave for weekend and the guys brought their babes too. We were going to 1g4. I didn’t go with my babe because of what I’d planned.

My friend’s babe came with her friend. God! This babe was hot AF. While leaving for 1g4, I was just looking at this babe’s front’s side. I made sure she noticed. Then she came to meet me. As a bad guy I started flowing, dropping dope lines. My friends be like, Oboy make your babe no catch you oo.

We got to 1g4, unpacked and started drinking and having fun. Hours later, I went to my room and saw her there. I knew she was feeling the boy. Her bobbie was just as I imagined. (I’m a fan of bobbie). I started singing, “we can fuck if you want too”. I mean, we all left school to have fun. Mami dey ask why I dey sing ma song. I said, “seriously..”

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Maami started laughing  and playing with her boobs. Fuck! I was dumbfounded, G. She fucking wanted the sex more than I did. My D was as hard as condo olopa.

My shorts were the first piece of clothing to get lost. Oboy! See sucking game on fleek. Last last I had to  suck in return. At last, we fucked, G. That was my first raw sex and the freak made me cum in her. Thank God for Postinor 2.

Ever since I’ve never and may never have to use CDs again.

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