My Hoe Story:

I graduated 🎓 from the University some few months back and was waiting for my NYSC. All this time of being in the University, I was not that active in my area as I got my admission just when my family relocated there. And most of my time, I’d spent in school. My break was usually two weeks so I’d spend them hanging out with a friend or two.

So after school, I had to move my hoedom back home, leaving my school sex life to be carried on by others. With this decision, I started surveying the area and came up with my top 4 chics.

Bad as e bad, man must start knack. So I shared my CV amongst them. As God would have it, gradually 3 of them employed me. As me no come dey find relationship nko, I decided to knack them all. I know the god of sex surely loves me.
The first was the slimmest of them of all, we met at one of my homeboy’s crib.

That day I was kinda high😲, music 🎶 was playing in the background, I was lying on the bed. She came, sat close, started acting all flirty and asked me to dance with her. I sha looked her in the eyes and tapped her ass. She smiled and ignored me as I was getting smoochy on the butt, so I promised her a dance later on.

The room was quite full and noisy, so I asked her to meet me up two hours later, she accepted. So I confided in my guy who told me I could use the crib, so I left.
When I came back later, I called her and we met. Bitch was well-dressed for the occasion; looking frosh and shit, so we went in. She started acting shy, wetin concern me. I started kissing her, stroking her neck with light kisses, licking on her ear lobe, by now she began replying my messages.

Next thing, blouse off, trouser off, just bra and panties. Pulled up the bra, squeezing them boobs and sucking on them. Pulled my shirt, slid her panties off, gave her the Head of the Year as I literally carried her up, with me standing, her back against the wall.

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Did this for some time, then brought her down. One finger in, then one more, still giving head. By now, bitch was moaning helplessly. After a while, I took my trouser and boxer shorts off. My dick just leaped out like, “Guy, when are you going to invite me to the party?”.
Immediately, she grabbed it, na BJ & HJ be that o. Dick was so hard, I could only think of her pussy. She wore me a condom. We fucked for like 10 minutes, switching few positions; starting from missionary & so on, till I came. Acting like I was possessed, I immediately jumped at her pussy, head and fingers, boobs smooching, body stroking till Lazarus came back to life. My dog was barking hard, in my head i was like, “Round 2, fuck!”

Baba no time, I strapped my condom on. It was now macho things as my dog was slamming, wrecking and tearing up the pussy. Starting with the doggy position, I could feel my work in her reactions, i could also see my work in her facial expressions. I kept switching positions anytime I was getting weak in a particular one. This time I lasted for like 30 minutes.
By this time I wanted to cum but baba was not feeling sick not to even say vomit. She was now practically asking me to cum, moaning anyhow, saying all sort of things. But it seemed like her wish wasn’t going to come through, so she pulled my dick out, pulled off the condom & sucked on it really hard. I could feel my soul leaving my body. Before two minutes, I came on her belly.

I wanted a third round because I always fuck like its my last, but she politely said that would be next time. I wasn’t that disturbed, so I dressed her up, dressed up too and took the used condoms out while she dressed the bed, then talked awhile, before parting.


Next was the thick one. Never knew that my friend had a thing on her (but who cares?). Also, never knew she was friends with the first chic, I think she knew I was playing both sides yet didn’t give a fuck.
She is the playful and teasing type. Always flirty with me but I played it cool.

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One day, my mom and dad traveled. My siblings went to school, so i had 8am 🕗 to 3pm daily to my advantage for 3 days.
Day one, I buzzed her but bae shunned me. Met on Day two and she gave an acceptable excuse, then set up a meeting for day three. She was early, 8:15am she don show. I get time now. She wanted a movie, I played, “Love” (one bad movie like that). She was watching the movie o, while I was just observing her jeje.
Then i tickled her, found out coast was clear, damn she’s soft (everything soft). It’d been a while since I last kissed that long. She’s a bad kisser and it was mad. I thought she was wearing bra, not knowing that gravity didn’t know her boobs at all.
I stroked them boobs slowly, the foreplay was so intense. As I pulled off her skirt, she was so wet it was visible on her pink panties. My heart was beating really fast, as she directed my dick, mehn! Logging in was great, so tight & wet. I even forgot to wear a condom. Did missionary for a while, then she pulled my dick out and started sucking.
Said she loved it, she could go on & on. Damn she’s freaky, gave her a mad head too any chance I got. We went 4 rounds, did different positions, took the game from sitting room on the chairs, to the floor, to the bedroom, then to the bathroom and finally the kitchen where we ate, thanks to Viagra. Then we gisted till like past 1pm before she left, then i had my best afternoon nap of this year so far.

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