Smashed my Pop’s curvy girlfriend


This is my story:
When I was about 17, my dad was divorced and had a girlfriend who stayed in the house with us. But at some point, my dad stopped paying much attention to her, so I started talking to her basically about everything including SEX. 🍑🍆
So, one day, she asked me to come to the kitchen and help her with something. When I got there, she grabbed me and started kissing me. I grabbed her ass and all. Then I tried to have sex with her but she refused at first though she still gave me hand job.
On a fateful day, my dad traveled. She was asleep when I crept into her room, laid on her bed and cuddled her. She didn’t turn until I started kissing her neck. When she turned, she started kissing me back. I began fingering her till she let me have sex with her.
We kept having sex almost everyday for like two months. I tried to stop but she was too sexy and attractive with a very fat ass that I couldn’t resist. That is my hoe story. The end.

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