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Smashed two best friends in one night


My best friend from primary school invited me to her brother’s (Kevin) 30th birthday recently, this guy has some feels for me and kept throwing me vibes and touching me.
At some point during the party I found myself seated with Kevin’s bff and we hit it off. This guy is rich and cute. I was drawn to him. The hoe in me came to play and I told him it had been a while and that I wanted him to fuck me hard but just once. He agreed and when the party ended I went home with him but promised Kevin I’d see him.
Later, I dunno if it’s alcohol or naah, but this guy’s fingers had me cumming in seconds then we moved to serious penetration. My pussy was not getting enough.👅 But he was tired and passed out.
Kevin called me and I left this guy’s house like a ninja. I even forgot things there. At Kevin’s place, we got it on good! Oral sex on point and his rod barely fit we had to keep changing positions. At some point, he suggested anal and got lube.
Long story short, best night ever. Still recovering. 😉 Hope my best friend never finds out.

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