So I met this pretty girl on Instagram and we clicked from day one. Let’s refer to her as the first girl. Our chats were always lit and we could relate on all levels. She was in a private university, so we agreed on meeting one particular weekend.

She came to lag with other friends and we had a good time and great sex. One of her friends was so comfortable with me, we started relating very well. Let’s call her the second girl.

Then, we got sexual. She knew I was fucking her friend but didn’t mind.

So, she came to see me in Lagos and as she promised, she gave me the fuck of a lifetime. We decided to keep it low key cause her friend was a little crazy and weird.

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So they were on break this particular year and I invited the first girl to my crib cause I hadn’t seen her in a while. To my greatest surprise,  she came with the second girl. We all went to chill and got home all drunk.

That’s how the second girl started spilling stuffs out.

“Baby, I’m so horny.  I want you to fuck me as bad as you did the last time.”

Mahn, I just weak. The first girl’s eyes cleared immediately.

Oh boy, come see fight. On top say them high. I had to settle them by all means which wasn’t easy. The morning after,  I had to go drop both of them off. Till date, I don’t know how they sorted themselves out.

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