My hoe story happened some 5 years ago when I was in my finals in uni. Had a lodge mate who just moved in and was very sexy. She came asking for help with tidying up some stuff when she moved in and I obliged her.

From there we got close but I was after the ass and knacks. So, one weekend some of my friends came around with their babes and we wanted to club. She’d come to charge her phone in my room and heard our plans, said she was interested. We started drinking vodka that my guys came with.

         Things began to heat up when we started playing Truth or Dare.

She was asked to pick a guy and kiss for 5 minutes and she picked me. Things went past the kissing cause after clubbing, the knacks happened. Her head game was lit and the babe can ride for Africa.

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The knacks continued till I graduated. She stays in Abuja and whenever I’m in town, we hook up and still knack.

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