[HOE STORY] – How The HOE in me was activated. 😈🔞 💦


Before I gained admission, I was this quiet type that didn’t like mingling with people. Never had a boyfriend. In my year 1, I and a friend of mine I knew before were privileged to be neighbors. And he’s somebody that knows book. He was the quiet type as well. So somehow somehow, I knew were his house was and started going there for him to teach me. Sometimes I would watch movies with his laptop. The only time he used to be around was night time. Sometimes I’d stay in his place till 10pm , 11pm before going home. At night I used to wear bum short, so whenever I was going to his place at, I’d go with bum short. Unknown to me, he’d been tempted by my appearance but never said anything. I liked him but not really interested in all those fvck things. One faithful night, I went to his house because I needed to watch movies. As I was watching the movie, nigga pulled his shorts and was with his underwear as if he wanted to sleep. My eyes came in contact with his dick and subconsciously my mind longed for it as I spent up to a minute staring at it and then quickly turned to the movie I was watching. From time to time my eyes would just uncontrollably contact his dick.


After I finished watching the movie, he was lying down with his front facing up. I didn’t know my dress was turning him on until I saw his dick rise and was very hard. Not knowing that while I was watching the movie, one of my boobs was outside due to the kind of clothe I was wearing. So it turned him on. At the site of his hard dick my body began to react. I stylishly moved closer and touched it, it was really hard. He looked at me and smiled. Before I knew it, he grabbed and started fondling my boobs. Oh my… I couldn’t resist him because I saw it coming from the beginning. All of a sudden I brought out his dik from his boxer and started playing with it. Without wasting much time, I undressed and he was like, wow! I held d dik and kindly inserted it into my p**sy, it felt so good. He gave it to me really hard and I enjoyed every bit of it. After the sex, I left for home feeling excited.


From that day onward, whenever I was honey, I’d dress to seduce him and he’d fall. Then fvck him really hard with different styles. That’s how the hoe in me was activated.

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