She took the D few hours before exams… 😂👌🏽💦


My hoestory: erm alright…. I had an exam so I went to class to read at night, I went with my friend, as we were settling down the light came on, we started putting the ac on then this guy could not hear us trying to tell him about putting on the ac beside him… so I had to raise my voice, he then turn around saw me turned the ac on then walked up to me…. he said he saw me somewhere before that day, told me where…… we talked….went out to smoke then made out planned to meet… I slyed him 3 times lol 😂…. then one night I went to read cus I had an exam the next day…. I called him I would be coming to his place the next morning (5am)before my exam…. lol he did not believe me, I got there he was still shocked 😳…. we smoked, had a very amazing mind blowing sex, then I left for my 9am exam…. lol I was thinking about the sex during the examination I had to taste one more time…. that’s my hoe story.

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