I don’t know how to start but let me just start anyway. I had to go visit my girlfriend one time and we ran out of smoke so we had to go to a friend of her place in the next block. I was high as fuck I got to the room and I was already feeling like leaving until the nigga spoke. My god his voice turned me on like crazy and I told my girl that I need to fuck this guy oh. We were not the alone, his friends were around but I needed to cum so I went to lie on the bed close to him.

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I started rubbing his thighs and he got the message. We kissed and he touched my boobs and when his fingers got to my pussy, I was dripping wet already we were under the sheets by the way and there were like three other people in the room. He fingered my pussy till I came . Then I asked him if we can go to the other room. When we got there we got down to business, I sucked his dick God he was so good.


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