SCAM ALERT! If this girl has ever linked you up to any guy then you have been scammed. You are being used as a sex object. Well, Her name is Tosin Arike, a student of Olabisi Onabanjo University, her snapchat is @Rhickkian55, her Instagram is @Rhickkian25 and her phone number is +2348058267670. She is fund of joining WhatsApp Groups, acting like she’s friends with girls in the group then convincing the girls to have sex with one of her over Used penis boyfriend. The guy will fuck you and then stop talking to you. She will proceed to get the next victim. Attached is her picture: 👇🏽
Arike the Scammer girl.
She will DM any Girl that jokes about dick and propose to link her up with someone. She will then send his dick picture to the girl, sweet talk about the guy and share his number. Then she’ll keep pressuring the girl to have sex with the guy, backed up with her fake testimonies of how the guy is rich and fucks well, Meanwhile both of them are as broke as a beggar. This is the guy’s picture: 👇🏽
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The picture of the over used penis boyfriend.
His name is Gbadamosi Ayomide Ademola Samuel and his phone number is +2347089665261. Another report claimed that she collects money from the guy and promise to give him a girl in exchange, then she’ll look for a girl in any group, fake friend her then propose to hook her up with the guy. She kept sending picture of the same guy to different girls with the same format.
The picture of Arike the Scammer girl
We received a report about her sometime ago then recently, we received two more reports about her doing the same thing and all were referring to the same guy, AYO – 07089665261. If she has already linked you up with one of her over Used boyfriends, it’s high time you run!
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Attached Below are screenshots from the ladies she tried to scam and use for sex exchange:
Girl 1
Girl 2
Girl 3
Girl 4
Girl 5
Girl 6
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