From kiss this was how we fvck different styles.


There was the guy that use to live few blocks with us
So the guy and handsome even tho we never talks so one day I greeted him just for him to have my attention so he greeted back
Since den we started talking small small
He collect my number and will chat on whatsapp sometimes dirty talks
So always love his look
So I wanted him to fuck me hard
It was on Sunday evening I asked him if he was busy dat am bored if we could go out
Wen we met we wanted to start going den I told him I was feeling lazy to walk den I decided to ask if we could just stay at his place and gist
He sharply answered as if he was waiting for it
Soon as we entered the room I sight a perfect bed there so I sat there we gist for a while

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Before we all got bored so he brought the idea we play truth and dare
So we started we stared with little dare
When is was he turn he asked me kiss him
From kiss this was how we fuck different styles fuck for more than hours before I left home
I was so happy since all I wanted was to get fuck by him and it hppn
After den we fuck till date but once in a while
Since I do go back to school atimes

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