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He fucked me and my friend so hard our pussies were throbbing.


A few months back I met this young guy at a mall he walked up to me and started a conversation he was very handsome and charming but there was this fuck boy vibe oozing from him. He kept on flattering and sweet talking me. He asked for my number and I refused telling him if we ever meet again I will give him the chance. After a couple of weeks my girlfriend called me and told me about some hook up she arranged with some guy and she wanted me to go with her. When we arrived at the hotel immediately the door was opened I froze it was the same guy. We got in and he showed us to the shower.

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When we came out he was Stark naked with a very long thick rod I couldn’t stop starring at. I didn’t know when I grabbed it and started sucking on it, I was sucking and licking in it so hungrily. He bent me over with my face on the floor and my ass in the air. I felt the long meat sliding inside my flooded pussy. He fucked me and my friend so hard our pussies were throbbing even days after…

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