I’m a good girl so I obeyed..


So, here is my hoe story. I went to see my bf…He was sick… no plans for fucking…But today was exceptional…Like I’m his medicine yunno😏😏…Ok so .. I sucked his dick for close to an hour…then say on him and rode his dick like a cowgyal🤠…Rode him,whined on him and all..sucked his nipples..He moaned😩😩ohhhhh.. So I came,once he noticed I was all wet and creamy💦, he asked me to suck his dick… my cum was all over it.. I sucked it cleaaaannnnn😏🙃… oh well, I taste nice😁😋…I went back on top, rode him again..and came again… still sucked him… So he was about to cum… he asked me to stand…and I should suck his nipples…

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After a while, he askd me to sit on his dick… when it was wet,he asked me to stand…he was trynna cum with my wetness💦💦… awwww… we did i it twice, and finally, zaddy asked me to put my mouth on his dick till he came… I’m a good girl so I obeyed 🙂…and he came in my mouth 🤠😋…

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