How I got my first Toilet Quickie


Happened in January, she wanted to come over to my office to see me… And me that I’d never had office sex before asked her straight up if she’ll have with me. She gave me a resounding YES.OMO SEE ME HAPPY.Lọ and behold mother nature and LASTMA had other plans.It rained and she was stuck in traffic for about 2hrs…then LASTMA held her uber down for passing one way🤦🏾‍♂️🙆🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️Baby was frustrated ehnnn, ọmọ me wey Konji don dey nabb.. I told her to leave the uber and I’ll meet her at the LASTMA office and we’ll go to our restaurant to eat as she don dey hungry and vex, Looool.🤣 . Sharply clocked out and jumped bike to meet her… Baby don dey vex say na only food go calm her down.

We move order uber to restaurant, and as the Konji gods would smile on me, our uber was tinted. 🥺😻🥺Omo I start to dey kiss baby, I notice baby no wear bra and her nipples were up as cold weather don they affect am… Me bress guy. I went straight for it… Locked and sucked and locked wella… I know her right bress is the one that turns her on the most so I focus on it. All this dey happen for backseat ohhh with driver driving. Goddd🤣🤣🤣Baby sef no send, she just Wan relazz after shouting with LASTMA. She tells me I’m making her wet and turning her on… I ask for proof, she unzips and carries my hand and sticks my fingers inside her punani… 💦💦💦💦See cream.Omo my dick cap just turn big ehnnn.I told her that I want a quickie with her when we get to the restaurant. She nods her head while I continue to suck bress and neck and earlobes to make her body shiver..

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We get to Restaurant, order our meal and go ASAP to restroom.OMO it was there and then I knew that arching in a toilet is different from arching on bed. The acute angle and how tight the angle is for dick penetration sweet diee and coupled with her creamy pussy 😫🥺🥺😫🥺🥺😫🥺🌚🌚🌚🌚As I slid inside baby punani was moist and wetty…slow strokes na eim I just dey do, cos if I ram her hard, na she go dey shout and door go shake. Lool. After like 10mins stroking and my dick covered in cream I reach climax and spray. She wipes me up and kisses me, thanking me for relieving her anger stress… Me I’m thanking her for relieving my office stress. I was hoping for my 1st office sex.. But I got my first restroom sex quickie.

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