My first sexual experience with Christie!!!


My first sexual experience…It was Christie ohhh!!! She had a figure I liked. Nothing in excess. Everything was just the perfect size.Since I was a bit knowledgeable about the sex thingamabob, my foreplay game was A++…..I kissed all the right places and licked al the right corners…I was just hearing mm…Ahhh….E dey sweet me dey go.

One time She was straddling me and we were in an intimate embrace.She was so turned on, she let out a loud *arrgh* from nowhere..And then arched her body into mine…After some petting and coaxing, she wanted to ride me…. Odogwu no gree enter….I say hian!! Oya make we try missionary nah. As I chook the preeq inside I shout Ahhh!!!!! Unto say nah my first time nau! Debussy just soft and wet and warm!!! Haew!!! My first stroke she do ‘mmmmmmmm!!’ They say the first stroke is always the best…I like my first strokes to be slow as I ease my penis into her pussy.I started with slow strokes.


Alas!! A wicked spirit whispered in my ears to fuck her harder just like in the porn movies. One two three…..Violent jerk..Loud grunt…Face twists in violence…I feel my spirit leaving my body… Haew!!!I wanted to pour it all inside her…I wanted to experience all of her glorious pussy.But another kind spirit ministered to me…Don’t be a young daddy. And I pulled out at the last minute……My foreplay game was lit…But I only thrusted for 2 mins…

She was far from satisfied. She had this look of someone that was dazed…She was still horny as fuck. Me I just held my now flaccid preeq like a fool…..And was like…Emmmm….So what next? facepalms…I was such a cluelss fool.At that time, I didn’t know that my recovery time was 15 mins…I didn’t know that I could have continued foreplay until Odogwu was ready to rumble again.I came on her rug though…I only pitied her uncle’s children who would later roll and play on the rug, playing with my children I had launched in liquid form.

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