About Us

AHoeStory (or AHS) is an online platform and social media website for entertainment, news & information. It’s service allows Users to upload and share their Hoe Stories i.e Their Sexual Experiences with someone that is neither their Lover nor Husband (i.e Random Friend, Stranger, Classmate, Friend’s Sibling, etc) after which it will published to the public anonymously. The Purpose was to encourage Couples & Lovers to Look after & Take Care of each other as the chances of one partner NOT to cheat on the other is very slim.

AHoeStory started 5th June, 2016. Based Primarily on Social Media. Hatched on a Micro Blogging Platform, Twitter after which it was extended to Instagram and Other Social Media Platforms. AHoeStory was an initiative by WINTER as an eye opener Hence the slogan (…The Eye Opener) which got loved by the Public resulting to its Massive Growth. In a Blink, there were so many fake & similar accounts while some changed their Old Account’s Username and added the word “Hoe Story” alongside other words so as to look similar.

AHoeStory grew in popularity reaching more than 100K Twitter Profile Visits in its First Month. Over the previous Months, It’s popularity grew to over 500K Monthly Profile visits. As at March 2017, It had 1.43Million Profile Visits and it’s Tweets were seen 9.84Million Times across the Twitter Platform.

Do you have a Story to share? a complaint to make? or a suggestion? Contact us via info@ahoestory.com or Send us a message on Twitter 


Abuja, Nigeria.
Founder of @AHoeStory, CEO of Winter Clothings, Content Marketing Manager, Public Relations Manager, Social Media Strategist, Promoter, Movies, Traveller.
Abuja, Nigeria
CEO - Positive World Entertainment, King of the New Wave, Web Enthusiast, Exceptional Geek, A Start-Up Boss, Hustler with a Fault.
Accra, Ghana
Communications Director, 400 Level Student, Major in Information Technology, Entrepreneur, Grassroot Football.
Electrical Engineer, Designer, Lover of Good Things, Trouble Maker, Unspoilt Child.
Architect, Design and Presentation Sheriff. Music, Movies and Wine. 🍷


WINTER PHIL is an Anonymous / Unidentified Human. An Author & A Journalist. Not a Nigerian but Loves Nigeria. 🇳🇬 Somebody that went to School. 📚🎓 Founder of AHoeStory & CEO of Winter Clothings. 👗 👕  WINTER has No Friend !!! Enemies are allowed. 😃 WINTER’s Identity is still unknown to No Man on Planet Earth. 😅  You can try!!!🚶 The Ghost will welcome you!!! 😅  WINTER is COMING!!! 🚶