The HOEshodi Group is a Pocket friendly naughty WhatsApp Group where you will meet naughty girls and cute guys and also probably hookup with them. This is a group dedicated to our public hookup platform In the group you can also get to meet few of the ladies on the website. To Join this group is N1,000 only.


  1. NO ADVERTS are only allowed.
  2. Downloaded PORN IMAGES & VIDEOS are NOT allowed.
  3. SHOW OFF, SELF-HYPE, SELF–PROMOTION and FLAUNTING OF RICHES are NOT allowed. (Directly or Indirectly).
  4. UNNECESSARY IMAGES OR VIDEOS, Live Snap / Record of what you’re doing, eating, cooking, putting on or going to are prohibited but Funny Videos, Pictures and Memes are allowed.
  5. EXTERNAL LINKS are NOT allowed unless it is in relation to a Topic in the Group. For example, a link to a trending music that is of public interest, an Article, Reference or Books.
  6. IMPERSONATION: You may not use other people’s picture as your own or impersonate individuals in a manner that is intended to or does mislead, confuse, or deceive others. Impersonation is a violation of our rule. Anybody portraying another person in a confusing or deceptive manner may be permanently removed under our impersonation policy.
  7. Nudes, PORN, DICK PICTURES are NOT allowed. Chats only. Even female members are not allowed to post nudes. If you want a group where ladies share nudes everyday, join the VIP Premium or VIP Special Group.
  8. SHARING OF CONTACT INFORMATION OR SOCIAL MEDIA USERNAMES in the groups are NOT allowed. This is for users privacy reasons.
  9. BROADCAST MESSAGES, SPAMMING & VOICE NOTES are NOT allowed in the Groups. Posting of links, GIFs, Stickers or Images repeatedly will be considered spammingand may get you removed from the Group.
  10. SLIDING INTO DMs are allowed but when it crosses the line into ABUSE such as checking the group list for female members and sliding into their DMs within a short period of time will be considered as SPAMMING and you’ll be removed you from the Group. If you still proceed to sliding into new DMs of female members after you’ve been removed, we will block your number.
  11. Saving Multiple Phone Numbers of Group Members without their permission is prohibited. This is to prevent guys from randomly saving numbers in the group and messaging the members even after they’ve left the group. What constitutes “SPAMMING” will evolve as we respond to new reports, tricks & tactics from defaulters.
  12. HATEFUL CONDUCT / ABUSIVE BEHAVIOUR: YOU CAN DISAGREE WITH SOMEONE without using an ABUSIVE / OFFENSIVE WORD. Therefore, you MUST NOT insult ANYBODY in the group nor refer to any Lady in the Group as a SLUT or HOE for any reason whatsoever. If you’re having a clash with anybody, do bring it to the notice of the ADMIN. If he/she is wrong, They’ll be cautioned privately or at worst case, removed from the Group. WE TOLERATE NO FILTH.
  13. RAPE & CHILD PORN / SEXUAL EXPLOITATION: This is one of the most serious violations of our Group Rules. We have a zero-tolerance child porn / sexual exploitation policy. This includes any material that features or promotes child pornography or sexual exploitation involving minors. A minor is any person under the age of 18. Any content that depicts or promotes child sexual exploitation is a violation of this policy.  Any content that depicts violence, whether real or simulated, in association with sexual acts is also a violation of this policy. This includes, but not limited to: 
    • media or contents (images, stickers, GIFs, videos, commentaries) promoting rape and other forms of violent sexual assault, or sexual acts that occur without the consent of participants, including a simulated lack of consent;
    • sexualized violence – inflicting physical harm on an individual within an intimate setting, where it is not immediately obvious if those involved have consented to take part.
    • visual depictions of a child (images, stickers, GIFs, videos or commentaries) engaging in sexually explicit or sexually suggestive acts;
    • Images, stickers, GIFs, videos, commentaries, illustrated, computer-generated or other forms of realistic depictions of a human child naked, in a sexually explicit context, or engaging in sexually explicit acts; 
    • sexualized commentaries about or directed at a known or unknown minor; and
    • links to third-party sites that host child sexual exploitation material.
    • sharing fantasies about or promoting engagement in rape or child sexual exploitation;
    • expressing a desire to rape or obtain materials that feature child sexual exploitation;
    • recruiting, advertising or expressing an interest in a commercial sex act involving a child, or in harboring and/or transporting a child for sexual purposes;
    • sending sexually explicit media to a child;
    • engaging or trying to engage a child in a sexually explicit conversation;
    • trying to obtain sexually explicit media from a child or trying to engage a child in sexual activity  through blackmail or other incentives; and
    • identifying alleged victims of childhood sexual exploitation by name or image.

All individuals accessing or using our services must adhere to the policies set forth in these Rules. Failure to do so may result in Hoe Story Media or any of its Administrators taking one or more of the following enforcement actions:

  • Remove you from the Groups.
  • Ban you from doing certain things in the group.
  • Block you from accessing any of our services.
  • Enforce a fine on you which must be paid to continue using our service.