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The VIP SPECIAL GROUP is the Best Group of all Groups. It’s a Group where you will meet Cute Guys & Ladies of like mind ready to explore sexually with no strings attached. The VIP Special Group is the only Group with more Ladies to Male. (For Example: 60 Ladies & 50 Guys). The Group Members are fun and Active plus Unlimited supply of Hoe Stories. 🔥👅💦  Free HookUp with any of the Ladies in the VIP Special Group is a sure thing for you If you’re fun, interactive and most importantly if your Flirt Game is Strong!! Also there are fun games such as THIRST TRAP THURSDAY among the Members in the VIP SPECIAL Group.  💃🏽🕺🏽 Every Thursday was made Thirst Trap Thursday as its a day the Ladies post their thirst trap pictures such as Semi Nudes, Nudes, Videos Twerking Naked, etc for the fun of the group.

To Join the VIP SPECIAL GROUP, you’ll have to pay a fee of N6,900(LADIES FREE) 💳💰 This payment is valid for 1 Month after which you will be required to renew membership with N6,900 Monthly.

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTION, PLEASE MESSAGE +2348137374888 ON WHATSAPP. NO REFUND AFTER PAYMENT & NO SWITCH OF PAYMENT PLANS. You should also have a Hoe Story so we can add you to the Group. 

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